Product quality and safety is the most important competitive advantage in the up-to-date world.

The quality of products is influenced by the result of the activities of each employee who is involved in the production, storage, delivery, and sale.

The Quality Assurance Unit plays a leading role in ensuring quality control of raw materials, packaging, finished products at all stages of production and, also, coordinates cross-functional interaction to analyze problems and improve the quality of finished products.

Continuous improvement of product and service quality is one of the key strategic priorities for our Company. Consistent high quality is the result of teamwork.

These tasks are performed by highly qualified employees with the use of modern methods and laboratory equipment.

The Quality Assurance labs at the factories carry out monitoring of the quality of processes, finished products, storage and transportation.

For example, high-precision spectrometers and chromatographs are used to control technological processes and finished products at the molasses desugarization stations to accurately determine the content of sucrose and betaine.

All factories have implemented and certified a food safety system based on the FSSC 22000 international standard.

Rusagro is successfully implementing a feed safety system based on the GMP+ standard and it is planned that all factories will be certified according to this standard by the end of 2021.

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